Communicate with parents and students remotely.

Send lesson plans to your parents, students, and your volunteer team with a text message. Include Word documents, PDFs, Videos, and more! It's free for smaller churches & schools, and affordable for larger ones. Get started now!

What others are saying

An absolute game changer. It's helping us do ministry outside of the walls of the church.

- Jordan Smith, Kids Pastor

How it works

Designed for teachers and kids pastors.

Connecting with kids and parents couldn't be easier with Lesson Plan Sender. Here is how it works.


Sign up.

It takes just a minute to signup and you can get started for free!


Add guardians.

Manually add guardians, or upload a CSV.


Send them a message.

Create a new message from scratch, or choose from one of our templates.


Parents get the message instantly.
They don't even have to download a new app.

Parents will instantly receive a text message with the title of the lesson, and a link. The message can contain videos, music, pictures, and text. The best part is parents don’t even need to download an app to receive the message!

78% higher open rates on texts vs email.

Delivers right to their phone.

Higher engagment.

iOS and Android friendly.

Getting started

Get started with Lesson Plan Sender in under 3 minutes.

It takes most churches less than 3 minutes to create their Lesson Plan Sender account.

Sign Up Now

Are there any contracts to sign?

Nope! If you sign up for a monthly plan, you will pay on a monthly basis and are free to cancel at any time. Just contact support and we will be happy to assist!


Do I get free updates?

Yes. We consistently update this system and roll out new features.


Does it send real text messages?

Yup! You just need a volunteers phone number (not their cell phone carrier) and they will recieve text messages.


Can I try it for free?

Yes! We offer a free plan that you can use to see if we're a good fit for your ministry!